Potato Progress

Research & Extension for the Potato Industry of Idaho, Oregon, & Washington

Begun in 2001 as a research and extension communication tool for the Washington State potato industry, since 2012 Potato Progress has broadened to formally serve the potato industry of the Northwest.

Examples of topics covered include:
1. Timely management recommendations such as late-season disease management, covered in Volume 17, Number 13.
2. Reviews of existing knowledge and recent research, with management recommendations, such as Volume 7 Number 13, which covered tuberworm.
3. Detailed reports on Commission- or Consortium funded research, such as physiological studies of crop growth, development, and harvested crop quality, an example being Volume 11 Number 8.

All members of the potato industry in the Northwest are invited to receive Potato Progress. To subscribe to email distribution of Potato Progress, send us a request from our Contact page.