Consortium Info

Consortium Info

Northwest Potato Research Consortium
Cooperative Effort of the Potato Commissions of ID, OR, & WA

The Consortium is a cooperation of the Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State Potato Commissions, fully funded by the Northwest potato growers. The mission of the Consortium is to support the Northwest potato industry by funding and supporting high-quality research aimed at solving problems and advancing the potato enterprise regionally. It will also work toward a comprehensive research results reporting process that aims to get useful information to the growers and industry members who need it. The Northwest Potato Research Consortium has one staff, Andy Jensen, as Manager, who is essentially a shared employee of the three potato commissions. He is directed by a Consortium board of nine members, three persons representing each commission.

The winter of 2021-22 was the ninth fully integrated and cooperative research review and funding cycle that the three potato commissions have undertaken. The great majority of the research and extension dollars available in each commission for the coming fiscal year will be allocated through this cooperation. Proposals were received in December of 2021 from throughout the Northwest potato research community. These were reviewed during a two-day meeting in Boise, Idaho. Using rankings and comments from industry reviewers at that meeting, the Consortium board built a set of funding recommendations for approval by the commissions. These projects will be posted here in early July.

These are the projects funded for the July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 fiscal year.  View the 2020-21 year here.

Funded scientists: Reporting requirements and format can be found here.

For questions or comments about any of the listed projects, or about the Northwest Potato Research Consortium, please contact Andy Jensen at any time (see the “Contact” tab above).

Breeding / Variety Development

The objective of the Tri-State Potato Research and Breeding Program is to develop new potato varieties for the Pacific Northwest with enhanced attributes relative to varieties currently available to the industry.

The Tri-State Potato Research and Breeding Program is a cooperative, regional collaboration of the USDA/ARS of Idaho and Washington, Oregon State University, University of Idaho, Washington State University and the potato commissions of the three states.

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Funding Process

The research review process and schedule for the fall/winter of 2021-22 is posted below.

Research Review Schedule

Consortium Members and Partners


Insects, Diseases, Nematodes, & Beneficial Organisms

Find out more information about insects, diseases, nematodes, and beneficial organisms for Potatoes.

Research Library

A useful and resourceful research library available with a wealth of knowledge and insight into potato data from in field experience.

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