Pest/Disease/Beneficial Info Cards

Laminated 6″x9″ copies of these cards are available free to Washington potato growers and for $5 each to others (within the U.S. only). Sets of cards were also prepared by the Idaho and Oregon Potato Commissions and distributed to their constituents. For availability of the card sets, contact each commission.

Below are examples of two cards. We have cards on all the following topics:

Insect/Mite Pests

  • Beet Leafhopper/Purple Top (Also in Spanish)
  • Aphids (Also in Spanish)
  • Tuberworm (Also in Spanish)
  • Leaf stippling Pests: Spider Mites and Thrips
  • True Bugs: Stink Bugs and Lygus Bugs
  • Wireworms
  • Psyllids and Whiteflies
  • Caterpillars (a.k.a. “Worms”)

Beneficial Organisms

  • Predators: Big-Eyed Bugs and Damsel Bugs
  • Predators: Ground Beetles
  • Lacewings and Flower Flies


  • Late Blight (Also in Spanish)
  • Pink Rot and Pythium Leak
  • Rhizoctonia Canker and Black Scurf
  • White Mold
  • Tuber Blemish Diseases: Silver Scurf and Black Dot
  • Bacterial Diseases: Aerial Stem Rot and Blackleg
  • Common Scab and Powdery Scab
  • Potato Virus Y
  • Potato Leafroll Virus


  • Root-Knot Nematodes
  • Root-Lesion Nematodes