Current Projects

Northwest Potato Research Consortium
Cooperative Effort of the Potato Commissions of ID, OR, & WA

Current Projects -- Growing year 2023, Commission fiscal year 2023-24

Weeds, Herbicides

 Rui Liu (WSU Prosser), Joel Felix (OSU Ontario), Tim Waters (WSU Pasco)

  Yellow Nutsedge Management in Pacific Northwest Potato Production

Plant Pathology/Soil Health

Jeff Miller (Miller Research)   Reduced fungicide applications for managing early blight/brown spot on disease resistant cultivars
Jeff Miller (Miller Research), Nora Olsen (U of I Kimberly), Mike Thornton (U of I Parma)    Improved management of soft rot in the field and post-harvest
Tim Paulitz (USDA-ARS Pullman), Cynthia Gleason (WSU Pullman), Deirdre Griffin LaHue (WSU Mount Vernon), Ken Frost (OSU Hermiston)    Comparison of potato yields, soil health, and microbiome in virgin, non-virgin, and native soils
Kiwamu Tanaka (WSU Pullman), Roy Navarre (USDA-ARS Prosser)    Exploring germination-stimulating factors for resting spores of the powdery scab pathogen and testing their potential to diminish soil inoculum
Ken Frost (OSU Hermiston), Brian Charlton (OSU Klamath Falls)    Developing integrated management tactics for powdery scab
Chakradhar Mattupalli (WSU Mount Vernon), Kiwamu Tanaka (WSU Pullman)    Development of off-field methods for screening resistance to powdery scab, potato mop-top virus, and silver scurf
Kylie Swisher Grimm (USDA-ARS Prosser)   Support for the investigation of emerging and persistent potato diseases in the Northwest
Chakradhar Mattupalli (WSU Mount Vernon), Ken Frost (OSU Hermiston)   Understanding factors involved in the development of potato surface blemish diseases
Steve Cullman (WSU Pullman), Deirdre Griffin LaHue (WSU Mount Vernon), Chakradhar Mattupalli (WSU Mount Vernon), Markus Kleber (OSU Corvallis), Ken Frost (OSU Hermiston)   Advancing our understanding of drivers of soil health in potato fields in the Pacific Northwest
Ken Frost (OSU Hermsiton)   Developing a fast and accurate assay to quantify Verticillium dahliae inoculum in soils


Cynthia Gleason (WSU Pullman), Joe Kuhl (U of I Moscow), Allan Caplan (U of I Moscow)      Harnessing the natural resistance of Solanum sisymbriifolium for generating root-knot nematode resistance in potato
Cynthia Gleason (WSU Pullman)   Mimicking enhanced calcium signaling for potato resistance against M. chitwoodi
Cynthia Gleason (WSU Pullman), Sam Chavoshi (AgNema), Inga Zasada (USDA-ARS Corvallis)   Automated identification of plant-parasitic nematodes of potato at genus level
Alan Schreiber (Agriculture Development Group)   Development of Nematicides for Pacific Northwest Potatoes

Potato Virus

 Aymeric Goyer (OSU Corvallis)   Hiding in plain sight: investigating the genetics that determine the (in-) visibility of PVY
Hanu Pappu (WSU Pullman)   Developing RNA Vaccines as Bio-pesticides for Managing Potato virus Y and its strains


Alan Schreiber (Agriculture Development Group)   Development of Insecticides for Pacific Northwest Potatoes
Stuart Reitz (OSU Ontario), Erik Wenninger (U of I Kimberly), Tim Waters (WSU Pasco), Louis Nottingham (WSU Mount Vernon)   Managing Insect Pests without Neonicotinoids, Pyrethroids and Organophosphates
Rodney Cooper (USDA-ARS Wapato), Dave Horton (USDA-ARS Wapato), Tim Waters (WSU Pasco)   Identifying biological controls of insect vectors in non-crop habitats of the Columbia Basin
Rodney Cooper (USDA-ARS Wapato), Gina Angelella (USDA-ARS Wapato)   RNA-based pesticides to manage insect-vectored plant pathogens in potato
Gina Angelella (USDA-ARS Wapato)   Exploring alternatives to neonicotinoids for insect-vectored virus management in potatoes

Cropping Systems, Plant Physiology

Nora Olsen (U of I Kimberly), Gustavo Teixeira (U of I Kimberly)   Exploring phytosanitary methods to obtain zero plant emergence with sprout inhibitors
Aymeric Goyer (OSU Corvallis)   Can we increase potato yield by optimizing soil thiamin production?
Johnny Li (U of I Moscow)   Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) based Non-Destructive Sensing of Soil Moisture and Potato Tuber Growth
Nora Olsen (U of I Kimberly), Gustavo Teixeira (U of I Kimberly)   Alleviating the development of pressure bruise symptoms after unloading from bulk storage conditions
Nora Olsen (U of I Kimberly), Gustavo Teixeira (U of I Kimberly)   Can wound healing be enhanced at low curing temperature conditions and maintain potato quality during storage?
Roy Navarre (USDA-ARS Prosser)   Developing better methods to determine cultivar resistance to internal discoloration from heat necrosis, after-cooking darkening, blackheart and hollow heart



Kylie Swisher Grimm (USDA-ARS Prosser), Sagar Sathuvalli (OSU Hermiston)

    Pyramiding of Potato virus Y and Columbia Root-knot Nematode resistances using greenhouse and molecular marker screening
Kylie Swisher Grimm (USDA-ARS Prosser), Sagar Sathuvalli (OSU Hermiston)   Identification of differentially expressed genes associated with corky ringspot disease resistance in Castle Russet

Variety Development Base Funding

Rhett Spear (U of I Aberdeen), Rich Novy (USDA-ARS Aberdeen), Mike Thornton (U of I Parma), Nora Olsen (U of I Kimberly), Gustavo Teixeira (U of I Kimberly)   University of Idaho and ARS base funding for variety development
Jacob Blauer (WSU Pullman), Mark Pavek (WSU Pullman)   Washington State University base funding for variety developmentJacob Blauer, Mark Pavek
Sagar Sathuvalli (OSU Hermiston), Brian Charlton (OSU Klamath Falls), Clint Shock (OSU Ontario)   Oregon State University base funding for variety development
Max Feldman (USDA-ARS Prosser)   USDA-ARS Prosser base funding for variety development


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