Other Publications

Other Publications

Of course in an area as broad as pest management in potatoes, there are many relevant publications. Below is information on some of the best and most recent publications.

  • Potato Health Management
    Edited by Dennis A. Johnson
    2007; 8 1/2″ x 11″ softcover; 272 pages; 149 color illustrations; 47 black and white illustrations (est.)
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  • Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook
    A comprehensive guide to insect management in commercial crops and environments and in home landscapes and gardens in the Pacific Northwest.
    Length: 704 pages
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  • Potato Production Systems
    Edited by Jeffery C. Stark and Stephen L. Love
    8-1/2×11, 420 pages, over 350 color photos
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  • Compendium of Potato Diseases
    Edited by Walter R. Stevenson, Rosemary Loria, Gary D. Franc, and D. P. Weingartner
    2001; 8 1/2” x 11” softcover; 144 pages; 193 color photographs;
    83 black and white illustrations
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  • Integrated Pest Management for Potatoes in the Western United States
    University of California Publication 3316 – 167 pages
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